grew up with a mom who ignored status symbols, eschewed clothing labels, and designers’ marketing efforts to convince her that she was missing out if she didn’t buy something considered “hot.”   Mom always encouraged me to buy fewer, better pieces.  As I get older -- and hopefully wiser (and more and more like my mother in certain respects) -- I do find that the same rule applies for jewelry buying.

“Must haves” are different now. They’re not the “it” pieces.  They’re the timeless ones.

I get it:  journalists need “fresh” things to write about; magazines must feature “new and noteworthy” in order to appear relevant. Fashion media identifies that which is “in” and “out” so quickly and thus (not so) subtly tells consumers that certain pieces are passé and even disposable after one season or less. Yet my own experience shows that trendy styles (the “it” hem length or heel style or handbag of the moment) are therefore often purchased at low-end stores.  If you’re perpetually on trend, why not get the really inexpensive version of it?

People watching their wallets make thoughtful choices – pieces that last for multiple seasons and year after year; not to be discarded or buried in the drawer after a handful of wearings.  It’s no wonder that runways feature more classic styles, clean lines, less fuss.  Costume-like looks get more eye rolls than shoppers flocking to acquire them; and “statement” jewelry represents a statement the wearer plans to make over and over again.

To that end, jewelry lovers won’t STOP buying jewelry.  But they certainly may buy differently.  Many will buy less, but likely buying smarter.  And in the end, they’ll love those chosen few because they get so much wear out of them; they wonder what it was they wore before.  It’s like those favorite black pants or well-worn jeans.  We wear them so often that we convince ourselves we’d have absolutely NOTHING to wear if we didn’t have them.

My collection attempts to deliver fresh twists on classic styles (diamond hoops, for example) or a single burst of color (necklace, earring, ring) in an everyday scale that’s surprisingly neutral and goes with absolutely everything.  These pieces transition easily from work day to date night, and they’re never so over-the-top as to justify storing and saving rather than wearing.