Y our favorite jewelry will last for generations if you remember that it may be just as sensitive as it is beautiful. Many gemstones can permanently lose luster and/or color, or scratch or even break if you expose them to some “everyday” elements like beauty products, cooking oils, and household cleaners. Even sweat or your favorite perfume can damage some very porous materials like pearls, turquoise, coral, and lapis, for example. At-home jewelry cleaners usually sold as “professional” can be fatal for some gems like emeralds, opals, apatite, and kyanite, none of which will survive the jewelry “dip” or an ultrasonic cleaning and steaming. Too much to remember? Let’s keep it simple: The best way to take care of your jewelry is to protect it. Keep it clean and out of harm’s way. When in doubt, take it off. And if it gets dirty, do not try any tricks on your own other than gently “scrubbing” it with an extremely soft toothbrush and lukewarm water. Period. If that’s not enough, give it to somebody who knows how to clean jewelry properly. When you realize that it would have been much cheaper had you opted for professional job, it’s already too late.

A couple tips:
Remove jewelry before swimming. ALL jewelry, including your diamond pieces, should come off. Swimming pool chlorine and gold don’t mix well: Together a chemical reaction causes the gold alloys to disintegrate over time. Blackening, hairline cracks, and weakening of prongs may occur, and consequently, potential loss of stones. Likewise, ocean water is much too rough on both metals and gems of all kinds. Store jewelry carefully to avoid potential damage: Keep each item separate to avoid tangling earwires, knotting chains, and scratching and/or breaking stones. Even a pair of earrings ought to be separated -- into two distinct compartments in a jewelry box, individual little plastic baggies or two sides of fabric pouch. Get in the habit of clasping necklaces upon removal rather than leaving them “open.”

If at any time you would like to have your pieces professionally cleaned and re-polished or repaired/refurbished, please contact our studio to arrange to have it shipped to and from our New York location.


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