Blue & Green

Blues and greens have long been associated with the summer months; they’re the colors of the ocean, the clear sky, the grass, and other elements that elicit a sense of relaxation (and maybe even some time off from work…). Could that be why colored stone jewelry featuring blue and green gems are far and away the most popular?.... Read more


Summer is turquoise season! It’s the happiest of colors, and it looks fabulous on absolutely everyone. Many of us grew up associating turquoise with heavy Native American jewelry, set in silver. However, considering that the availability of gem quality material is decreasing rapidly, designers like me have chosen to elevate turquoise pieces to fine jewelry – setting it in 18k gold and adorning it with diamonds – and giving it the attention it deserves. For centuries, turquoise has figured prominently in many cultures: It is the powerful symbol of the relationship between the Earth and the sky. In some cultures, it was considered so important that it was used as currency. Healers believe in the power of turquoise to correct imbalance, bring peace of mind, ward off depression, and stimulate healthier respiratory function..... Read more


In early 2003 I attended the MJSA show at the suggestion of my then first metalsmithing instructor. The objective was to find particular tools we needed for class and perhaps some interesting resources for findings. Shortly after arriving I ran into a guy I had met not too long before, Michael Toback, from whom I had bought solder and wire. We strolled the aisles together and happened upon a little non-descript booth, empty except for a small round table, two chairs, and a woman with an ear-to-ear grin: Cindy Edelstein. Like Lucy from the Peanuts who had a minimalist set-up with “The Doctor is In” signage, Cindy was offering advice sessions to passersby – ten minutes for ten bucks – and when Michael stopped to say hello to her, I immediately became the next potential “target” for a little sit-down..... Read more


I grew up in a very colorful home. Every door was (and still is) painted a bright color. Over the years the hues have changed here and there, but the concept endures: Even long after my parents had an empty nest, my sister’s bedroom door remains apple green, across from my turquoise, next to my younger brother’s red, the boys’ bathroom orange, and so on. When all the doors are closed in that long hallway of bedrooms and bathrooms, the place looks like a nursery school. We four kids teased my mother mercilessly for years, and she didn’t flinch. “It’s a happy place, and every guest that walks in here can’t help but smile. Just watch them, and you’ll see.”.... Read more


I grew up with a mom who ignored status symbols, eschewed clothing labels, and designers’ marketing efforts to convince her that she was missing out if she didn’t buy something considered “hot.” Mom always encouraged me to buy fewer, better pieces. As I get older -- and hopefully wiser (and more and more like my mother in certain respects) -- I do find that the same rule applies for jewelry buying..... Read more


I love August. Sure it’s hot outside (though as a California native, I hardly notice…, and in fact, I’m crazy about it), but many people are in vacation mode, and that means t-shirts and flip flops and ice cream and smiles on faces. And August means celebrating Peridot – that beautiful granny smith apple green that I absolutely love..... Read more


I was never a “blue” lover growing up. Though I wasn’t super girly, my childhood bedroom was pink, and magenta was the shade I loved best. Blue was dull, I thought, and a color reserved for boy things. Besides, blue was the color associated with sadness: “Why so blue?” my mom would ask if I returned from school with a frown on my face. Blue, for Picasso, represented a period in the painter’s life of very little success; and the monochromatic paintings reflected his somber mood.... Read more


I’m off to Maryland to exhibit at globalDESIGN, a small curated collection of jewelry designers in a show-within-a-show at the long-standing ACC Baltimore. If you haven’t been to the Baltimore show, you’re missing out. An impressive roster of talented people sells their wares there – from glass vessels to exotic wood musical instruments to sculptural lighting and everything imaginable that’s either functional, wearable, or decorative. Sure you’ll find some cringe-worthy items that make you wonder how they passed the admissions jury to participate…, but you’ll also see enough pieces that make you stop in your tracks and wish you had endless disposable income. Trust me on that: You’ll drool over some of the exquisite work..... Read more


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