I was never a “blue” lover growing up.  Though I wasn’t super girly, my childhood bedroom was pink, and magenta was the shade I loved best.  Blue was dull, I thought, and a color reserved for boy things.  Besides, blue was the color associated with sadness:  “Why so blue?”  my mom would ask if I returned from school with a frown on my face.  Blue, for Picasso, represented a period in the painter’s life of very little success; and the monochromatic paintings reflected his somber mood.

But then I met aquamarine.  Magnificent, clear, transparent aquamarine.  Almost instantly, blue became an entirely different thing for me.  Blue was the ocean (an everlasting love of mine); and the clear sky; and the beautiful eyes of my first boyfriend.   Old traditional lore names aquamarine the favored, protective good luck charm for sailors; and the inspiration for optimism about love; and a healer — key to boosting our bodies’ immune systems through better hormone balance.

Whether one buys into the stone’s supposed ethereal properties or not, there’s no arguing that a clean, deep blue aquamarine gem is a beauty.   In both big and small sizes, faceted stones and cabochons alike, aquamarine is an often used stone in my collection.  I’m convinced that it’s the stone that complements absolutely everyone:  Blondes, brunettes, redheads, and silver-haired women wear it beautifully.  And aquamarine goes with everything too.  No need for matching; the blue is neutral and easy to wear, like that favorite pair of jeans.